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Coupled manufacturing processes


Optocoupled production technology and manufacturing methods

1. Manufacturing method and corresponding coupler for extracting signals from polarization maintaining fiber optic couplers

2. Optical coupling module

3. Optocouplers for bidirectional optical communication

4. A photonic optical fiber (2) assembled with at least one multimode optical fiber (4, 6) by melting and drawing method for a multimode pump optocoupler. Photonic optical fibers can be used to inject and extract signals, while multimode optical fibers can be used to inject pumped light. The present invention is mainly capable of effectively coupling a multimode pump into a laser cavity composed of double clad fibers; In this case, optical fibers are not used for injecting signals, but to ensure that the coupler has a numerical aperture and diameter suitable for the laser cavity. The present invention can also couple one or more multimode pumps into double clad fibers; In this case, for signals transmitted through photonic optical fibers, the present invention can maintain the mode diameter in the coupler higher than or equal to the mode diameter at the inlet and outlet of the coupler.

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